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IssueIcedove version in Trisquel repo is obsolete SalmanMohammadi6Fai 48 semanas 2 días
Issue"nomodeset" is not detected for grahpic cards David_Hedlund4Fai 48 semanas 4 días
IssueGNOME: Remove suspend and hibernate David_Hedlund1Fai 50 semanas 2 días
IssueDisk encryption password key reminder failed David_Hedlund0Fai 1 ano 32 semanas
IssueTrisquel 8.0 : Abrowser 59.0.2 fail to install the plugin 'Privacy Badger' (EFF) Hdesmi4Fai 2 anos 21 semanas
IssueAbrowser - Search Widget Does Not Function Properly davidpgil1Fai 2 anos 21 semanas
Issue[Bug-gnuzilla] Secure Connection Failed: authenticity of the received data could not be verified David_Hedlund3Fai 2 anos 21 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Rebrand Thunderbird to Icedove or similar sudoman11Fai 2 anos 21 semanas
IssueUnclear whether to install Thunderbird or Icedove ullbeking4Fai 2 anos 21 semanas
Issueicedove: Keyboard broken for Reply David_Hedlund3Fai 2 anos 21 semanas
Issuetorbrowser-launcher is downloading Tor Browser anonymous1Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
IssueThe addons list needs some lovin' lembas18Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
Issueicedove: Who's the maintainer? David_Hedlund2Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
IssueNames (organization names, brands, etc) faulty replaced with "Trisquel" David_Hedlund1Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
Issue"Check disc for defects" doesn't finish with "check finished: no errors found" David_Hedlund1Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
Issue"Check disc for defects" doesn't finish with "check finished: no errors found" David_Hedlund0Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
IssueReplace Evolution with Icedove in default system Dave_Hunt1Fai 2 anos 24 semanas
Issuegedit-3.10.4: mouse pointer hides and flickers when Control key is pressed David_Hedlund2Fai 2 anos 24 semanas
IssueWhy is not icecat part of Trisquel? Majin Buu7Fai 2 anos 24 semanas
IssueLive system installation: "Install now" button don't trigger the "Write the changes to disks?" verification dialog window David_Hedlund3Fai 2 anos 24 semanas
Issueauto-save-session broken David_Hedlund1Fai 3 anos 14 semanas
IssueDesktop menu submenus not sorted alphabetically: Internet, Office David_Hedlund0Fai 3 anos 14 semanas
Forum TopicFirst development alpha iso images of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" quidam45Fai 3 anos 24 semanas
IssueMemory check (memcheck86+) doesn't work at bootup lembas9Fai 4 anos 14 semanas
Add-onDisable WebRTC David_Hedlund0Fai 4 anos 15 semanas