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IssueList of Abrowser & Icecat issues andrew29Fai 3 anos 4 semanas
Forum TopicI'm leaving Trisquel Mzee122Fai 4 anos 41 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 8 is almost 6 months late. Do something. Anything. t3g5Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
IssueCritical security vunerability: Update to pidgin-otr to version 4.0.2 G4JC1Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicSaying Good-bye to Windows grimlok19Fai 5 anos 25 semanas
IssueThe forum exposes my email address (accounts page says it will not be made public) lembas15Fai 5 anos 26 semanas
Forum TopicTweak your browser to enhance security and privacy pizzaiolo17Fai 6 anos 9 semanas
IssuePackage: Slingshot is corrupt G4JC3Fai 6 anos 10 semanas
IssueTrisquel defaults to using google's name servers lembas8Fai 6 anos 10 semanas
Forum TopicLibertyBSD - OpenBSD minus the blobs alimiracle121Fai 6 anos 13 semanas
Forum Topiconline-shopping with tor? torify everything? quantumgravity22Fai 6 anos 17 semanas
IssueaBrowser still phones home to mozilla for ad snippets G4JC5Fai 6 anos 20 semanas
IssueAbrowser - Link to Firefox Marketplace ssdclickofdeath5Fai 6 anos 20 semanas
Add-onuBlock G4JC0Fai 6 anos 23 semanas
Forum TopicReddit will be giving 10% of their ad revenue to charities based on user voting. Make sure you vote! G4JC17Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
Forum TopicEncrypted offsite backup - a question oysterboy9Fai 6 anos 28 semanas
Forum Topiccan you get i2p on raspberry pi and use computer to access? tonlee6Fai 6 anos 30 semanas
Forum TopicI want to change my email address, but it seems impossible alimiracle6Fai 6 anos 30 semanas
Forum Topicgoogle analytics everywhere a_slacker_here13Fai 6 anos 30 semanas
Forum TopicThe Need for Free and Open HardDrive firmware G4JC9Fai 6 anos 30 semanas
Forum Topicremember the Samsung Galaxy backdoor? muhammed5Fai 6 anos 30 semanas
Forum TopicHow to enable bluetooth? pogiako1234516Fai 6 anos 30 semanas
Forum TopicMy family has smart TVs and I am scared. YoHooComics48Fai 6 anos 31 semanas
Forum TopicOver 300 businesses now whitelisted on AdBlock HuangLao22Fai 6 anos 32 semanas
Forum TopicOld firefox sync amilopowers4Fai 6 anos 32 semanas