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Forum TopicForgot which mail address signed up with my NotABug account gd_scania1Fai 7 semanas 1 día
Forum TopicIs Tor really any help at all? And other privacy/anonymity/freedom/security thoughts and questions GrevenGull25Fai 2 anos 10 semanas
Forum TopicPurism should consider AMD chips to be fit for Libreboot gd_scania3Fai 2 anos 11 semanas
Forum TopicGets confirmed which bhyve from FreeBSD distro is free software under FreeBSD license gd_scania0Fai 2 anos 11 semanas
Forum TopicJust opens m$ spreadsheets using KDE apps gd_scania1Fai 2 anos 13 semanas
Forum TopicFree software social federations? gd_scania0Fai 2 anos 14 semanas
Forum TopicAnti-Fuckbook campaign! gd_scania12Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
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Forum TopicWhy are Libreboot PCs and Replicant Androids so aging? gd_scania26Fai 2 anos 32 semanas
Forum TopiclibeRTy jxself4Fai 2 anos 32 semanas
Forum TopicFree software friendly non-RYF hardware? gd_scania0Fai 2 anos 32 semanas
Forum TopicAR and free software? gd_scania0Fai 2 anos 34 semanas
Forum TopicA project to merge KHTML and unGoogled Chromium gd_scania0Fai 2 anos 34 semanas
Forum TopicFree software powered search engines? gd_scania10Fai 2 anos 36 semanas
Forum TopicOpenStreetMap online services alternate to nonfree Google My Maps? gd_scania15Fai 2 anos 37 semanas
Forum TopicHow do you guys root your smartphones with Free Software only? GNUser7Fai 2 anos 38 semanas
Forum TopicFSF-endorsed social networks? Discourse, Disroot, GNUsocial, LibrePlanet, Mastodon ... else? gd_scania28Fai 2 anos 39 semanas
Forum TopicWhen to start Qt5-IceEngine and get done? gd_scania3Fai 2 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicParabola: your-initfreedom issues gd_scania2Fai 2 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicDoes KDE-graphics have vector programs like Inkscape, and are there any free software beauty apps? gd_scania4Fai 2 anos 41 semanas
Forum TopicWhy there still aren't free software friendly NASes? gd_scania1Fai 2 anos 41 semanas