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Issue[GFSD Issue] Hedgewars "tip" contains free software "language problems" and discusses use use of non-free software SirGrant16Fai 7 anos 5 semanas
Forum TopicWhen will I have support for my wireless? :( RT3290 pogiako1234517Fai 7 anos 5 semanas
Forum TopicHelp request for making a donation. lap4fsf9Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
IssueClicking on Edit Menu when two Midori windows are open causes SIGSEGV leny20105Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
IssueNetwork Manager forgets manual IPv4 settings leny20103Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
IssueCan't shutdown as normal user Mzee4Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Issueis it possible to re-install just network-manager from orig Trisquel CD BuckO'Bryan11Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Forum TopicIs it possible to restart a text mode install that failed half way through? ssg6Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Forum TopicHow to adapt custom image to wallpaper? muuu2Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Forum TopicFree hardware and open source and hp printers? tonlee6Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Forum TopicGNU/LINUX logo and logotype Skulptron17Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Issueupdate-initramfs reports: mdadm: /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf defines no arrays. Marcus1Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
IssueTrisquel 7 Beta Issues - 31 Aug 2014 ISO trisquel_man2Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
IssuePackage unrar-free makes factually incorrect claim in its description lembas4Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
IssueAfter installing as English(UK) Trisquel Mini's console keyboard is not configured correctly leny20101Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
IssueInsufficient permissions on Mini environment 2mac1Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
IssueBlank screen / screen corruption during netinst 2mac2Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
Forum Topicis trisquel not worth to mention in prism-break.org? Tonics17Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
IssueWebkitgtk included non-free icons. mejiko4Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
Forum TopicOwncloud Tray icon loading on top of gnote vvishnu10Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
Forum TopicLooking for an email provider serval30Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
Forum Topicmaking a free bios for a present notebook x86 mainboard? tonlee5Fai 7 anos 8 semanas
Forum Topictp link free router, what is gained by that? tonlee14Fai 7 anos 8 semanas
Forum TopicUS Patent Office Grants 'Photography Against A White Background' To Amazon icarolongo24Fai 7 anos 8 semanas
IssueMidori doesn't play video by default, missing plugin EricxDu3Fai 7 anos 8 semanas