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Forum TopicTrisquel 9.0 Etiona is out! quidam26Fai 5 semanas 1 día
IssueGNOME MPV not working Ra1Fai 7 semanas 22 horas
Forum TopicAbrowser is breaking Facebook Ignacio.Agullo6Fai 7 semanas 5 días
Forum TopicTorrents for Trisquel 9 not working Ra3Fai 43 semanas 3 días
IssueCan't really login here with Midori Ra0Fai 1 ano 43 semanas
IssueMidori won't open some websites because of security certificate problems Ra6Fai 1 ano 43 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser not playing sound because it now requires Pulseaudio Ra12Fai 3 anos 2 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser, latest version (2017 Oct.) Piriponzolo13Fai 3 anos 20 semanas
Forum TopicDevelopment of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" Software proposal by category : Internet Mangy Dog45Fai 4 anos 2 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser not playing soundfiles - problem with libavcodec? Ra8Fai 4 anos 8 semanas
Forum TopicZeitungsartikel über die Freie-Software-Bewegung Ra1Fai 4 anos 25 semanas
Forum TopicBuck up using rsync GNUbahn17Fai 4 anos 41 semanas
Forum TopicProblem with desktop background and items Ra11Fai 4 anos 42 semanas
Forum TopicDual Booting Trisquel Complications Allanitomwesh22Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicWhat DE do you prefer for Trisquel 8? lap4fsf91Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicNutzung Mailoo Account mit Evolution Vanecek10Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicTrouble accessing video content sradms04Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicSystem update could serve as backdoor for malware Ra0Fai 4 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicMein Trisquel-Experiment paulmering13Fai 5 anos 3 semanas
Forum TopicX60 Tablet Bildschirmeinstellungen können nicht geöffnet werden (Trisquel Mini) cyrax7Fai 5 anos 4 semanas
Forum TopicProblem with metapackage after trisquelizing Lubuntu Ra1Fai 5 anos 15 semanas
Forum Topictrouble with ssl in midori on trisquel mini cmhobbs1Fai 5 anos 15 semanas
Forum TopicIts time to start questioning Trisquel's longevity t3g37Fai 5 anos 15 semanas
Forum TopicBSI-Jahresbericht offenbart Windows- und Mac-Fiasko Ra0Fai 5 anos 15 semanas
Issuetrisquel mini missing polkit package bill-auger10Fai 5 anos 15 semanas