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IssueIcedove version in Trisquel repo is obsolete SalmanMohammadi61 anno 42 settimane fa
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Forum TopicHow does one respond to this statement? Aristophanes203 anni 27 settimane fa
Forum TopicWho of this community honestly runs Trisquel GNU/Linux? gnunix1113 anni 30 settimane fa
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Forum TopicFirst development alpha iso images of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" quidam454 anni 17 settimane fa
Forum TopicWie viele aktive Benutzer haben wir hier? SalmanMohammadi104 anni 18 settimane fa
Forum TopicIs Microsoft's PowerShell a Free Software? Pandya74 anni 18 settimane fa
Forum TopicThe Replicant project calls for the Android SDK to be included in Trisuqel. Can you help? Fil114 anni 19 settimane fa
Forum TopicWanna start contributing code? Ask your question here SalmanMohammadi574 anni 20 settimane fa
Forum Topica forum or subforum dedicated only to code contributors. SalmanMohammadi134 anni 21 settimane fa
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Forum TopicTrisquel 8.0 proposal: Include Guix albertoefg74 anni 24 settimane fa
Forum TopicDevelopment of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" Software proposal by category : Internet Mangy Dog454 anni 29 settimane fa
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Forum TopicTrisquel 8 + Plasme Desktop (KDE) screenshots SalmanMohammadi54 anni 34 settimane fa
Issuessh-client is not installed by default SalmanMohammadi14 anni 35 settimane fa
Issuebash-completion is not installed by default SalmanMohammadi14 anni 35 settimane fa