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Forum TopicSharing Contacts between GNU/Linux Trisquel and Android/Replicant Ignacio.Agullo61 week 4 days ago
Forum TopicICT Days in general and ICT Freedom Days in particular for 2024 Ignacio.Agullo05 weeks 1 day ago
Forum TopicBack-to-back kernel panics amenex139 weeks 3 days ago
Forum TopicNew article about usability Ignacio.Agullo210 weeks 1 day ago
Forum TopicAbrowser invita a sincronizar tus dispositivos de software privativo. iShareFreedom748 weeks 5 days ago
Forum Topic2022: The year when Trisquel lost its feedback Ignacio.Agullo71 year 1 week ago
Forum TopicICT Days in general and ICT Freedom Days in particular for 2023 Ignacio.Agullo11 year 5 weeks ago
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Forum TopicFree Software for devices, Ignacio.Agullo131 year 19 weeks ago
Forum TopicOfftopic: Artikel von Der Spiegel: 20 Jahre OpenOffice Ignacio.Agullo01 year 43 weeks ago
Forum TopicFacebook requiring login for all of their pages from desktop Ignacio.Agullo31 year 45 weeks ago
Forum TopicThe Free Software Foundation Giving Guide 2021 is out! Also, laptops, smartphones, GPS and Purism Ignacio.Agullo121 year 47 weeks ago
Forum TopicITC Celebrations in general and Freedom celebrations in particular for 2022 Ignacio.Agullo32 years 5 weeks ago
IssueCurrent Abrowser for Trisquel 8 (87.0, 32 bits): Library window column resize fails Ignacio.Agullo12 years 17 weeks ago
Forum TopicRare errors. In particular, for Abrowser 88.0 (32-bits) Ignacio.Agullo42 years 31 weeks ago
Forum TopicEl regreso del buen amigo Richard Stallman... t_gpg_channel2020182 years 37 weeks ago
Issuehttps://trisquel.info Domain Certificate joshaspinall32 years 38 weeks ago
IssueNo updates for Trisquel 8 Ignacio.Agullo42 years 38 weeks ago
Forum TopicLibreboot es un prollecto abandonado. Chepe92 years 40 weeks ago
IssueMissing page Ignacio.Agullo02 years 40 weeks ago
IssueJavascript error on issues search Ignacio.Agullo02 years 40 weeks ago
Forum Topic¿Creéis que tendremos un SO móvil libre algún día? Jorah Dawson92 years 49 weeks ago
IssueIssue search is broken and breaks Epiphany Ignacio.Agullo02 years 51 weeks ago
Forum TopicAbrowser is breaking Facebook Ignacio.Agullo63 years 7 weeks ago
Forum TopicIcedove 68.8.0 cannot get add-ons on Trisquel 8 Ignacio.Agullo13 years 38 weeks ago