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IssueIcedove Mail application contain Thunderbird branding and unmodified Firefox logo. lap4fsf411 weeks 4 days ago
Issue'Thunderbird' artwork in Icedove Mail's Homepage. lap4fsf211 weeks 5 days ago
IssueKindly include 'GNU IceCat' package in Trisquel 9.0 GNU/Linux repository. lap4fsf316 weeks 5 days ago
Issue'Add/Remove Applications' program's User Manual require some love! lap4fsf216 weeks 5 days ago
IssueComplete 'clicktoplay' web pages in Trisquel website and Libreplanet wiki. lap4fsf318 weeks 5 days ago
IssueBranding issues related to Abrowser 66.0.2(64-bit) lap4fsf118 weeks 6 days ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] 'Get More Tools' in 'Web Developer' submenu of Abrowser opens Firefox Add-ons website. lap4fsf1018 weeks 6 days ago
Forum TopicTrisquel 9 missing Bluetooth capabilities? lap4fsf41 year 2 weeks ago
Issue[GFSD] 'Snippets' in Abrowser Web Browser has Branding and FSDG issues. lap4fsf41 year 32 weeks ago
Issue[BRANDING] Private Window display modified 'Nightly' logo. lap4fsf41 year 35 weeks ago
Forum TopicHow about including 'Guest Login' session for Trisquel GNU/Linux 9.0? lap4fsf21 year 48 weeks ago
IssueBy default, IceCat Shares Location-Aware Browsing information with Google Location Service. lap4fsf53 years 48 weeks ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] Packages containing slideshows, designed as a quick introduction to Ubuntu or its varients. lap4fsf34 years 7 weeks ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] Ubuntu Installation Guides for various computer architectures. lap4fsf34 years 9 weeks ago
Forum TopicUpgrading from Trisquel 6 to 7 Anandawardhana24 years 17 weeks ago
Forum TopicIt's over, Bill Gates switches to Android :D ylevental34 years 28 weeks ago
Forum TopicOpen source: What are missing? gd_scania94 years 28 weeks ago
Forum TopicLinux Mint liberated! gd_scania204 years 31 weeks ago
Forum TopicWhat is the current (development?) status of Trisquel GNU/Linux 6.0 ('Toutatis') ? lap4fsf34 years 33 weeks ago
Forum Topic'Screenshots' webpage of Trisquel GNU/Linux's official website needs some loving. lap4fsf14 years 39 weeks ago
Issue'Screenshots' webpage of Trisquel GNU/Linux's official website needs timely update. sobek14 years 40 weeks ago
Forum TopicTrisquel screenshot has been replaced by gNewSense on front page of SalmanMohammadi125 years 28 weeks ago
Forum TopicMigration to gNewSense 4 Ucclia - Your thoughts? lap4fsf135 years 29 weeks ago
Issue'GNOME Help' suggests installation of restricted (binary-only / non-free) drivers. lap4fsf25 years 29 weeks ago does not supply ownership information. lap4fsf05 years 31 weeks ago