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IssueAbrowser 39.0 uses a modified Firefox logo in add-on list. lap4fsf35 years 4 weeks ago
Forum TopicMozilla decides to sign all addons / extensions. lap4fsf255 years 4 weeks ago
Forum TopicError while installing Replicant OS on a Samsung S-II (i9100) from Trisquel GNU/Linux. lap4fsf45 years 5 weeks ago
Forum TopicIs there any privacy issue in updating search engines? lap4fsf55 years 5 weeks ago
Issue[Privacy] Abrowser sends requests when hovering over a link BugRep25 years 5 weeks ago
IssueMozilla's browser Extension Signing lembas15 years 5 weeks ago
IssueAdd-on Signature Check cannot be disabled in Abrowser. lap4fsf05 years 6 weeks ago
Forum TopicA mail provider based in Bulgaria, using 100% open source software, Tor-friendly and no javascript friendly. SuperTramp83375 years 6 weeks ago
Forum TopicMajor Vulnerability Found In Firefox, Latest Browser Version Fixes It davidnotcoulthard115 years 6 weeks ago
Forum TopicMasalla Icon Theme hayderctee595 years 7 weeks ago
Forum TopicCanonical's updated licensing terms for Ubuntu GNU/Linux lap4fsf55 years 10 weeks ago
Issue[PRIVACY ISSUE] Package 'cloudprint' requires Google Cloud Print service to function. lap4fsf25 years 11 weeks ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] Abrowser suggests websites which can install non-free addons. lap4fsf15 years 11 weeks ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] Remove 'ubuntu-online-tour' package from Repos. lap4fsf35 years 12 weeks ago
Forum Topicwhen a company goes up for sale, what happens to the data we entrusted them? lap4fsf15 years 12 weeks ago
Issuefortunes-ubuntu-server has branding and GNU FSDG issues leny201035 years 12 weeks ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] Purge the following Ubuntu/Kubuntu docs packages. lap4fsf35 years 12 weeks ago
Forum Topicunetbootin fork tomlukeywood735 years 12 weeks ago
Issue'Test memory' option from installer screen returns an error message. lap4fsf35 years 15 weeks ago
Forum TopicWebsites that suggest exclusively free addons/plugins. lap4fsf55 years 15 weeks ago
IssueNo background when disabling Icons on Desktop in gnome-tweak-tool PaulK35 years 15 weeks ago
Forum TopicShould we abandon 'fortunes-ubuntu-server' package from Trisquel repos? lap4fsf55 years 18 weeks ago
Issue[GNU FSDG] 'fortunes-ubuntu-server' package has GNU FSDG and branding problems. lap4fsf15 years 18 weeks ago
IssueGNOME's 'Backups' suggest 'Windows Share' as one of storage location. lap4fsf15 years 19 weeks ago
Forum TopicDo Fluendo EULA violate freedom to freely redistribute the program? lap4fsf55 years 20 weeks ago