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IncidenciaSpammers be gone Cyberhawk973Fai 8 semanas 1 día
Incidenciamate-tweak should list "Trisquel" as one of the layouts kpengboy3Fai 16 semanas 5 días
IncidenciaUnity not installable kpengboy3Fai 16 semanas 5 días
IncidenciaPackage helpers needing to be fixed kpengboy3Fai 18 semanas 5 días
IncidenciaRemove obsolete helpers in flidas Legimet5Fai 18 semanas 5 días
IncidenciaTrisquel Mini upgrade issues kpengboy3Fai 18 semanas 5 días
IncidenciaRelease upgrade fails kpengboy3Fai 3 anos 49 semanas
IncidenciaRelease upgrade fails kpengboy0Fai 3 anos 49 semanas
IncidenciaNetInstall Installation step failed tomlukeywood7Fai 4 anos 1 semana
Forum TopicHow do I Contribute to Trisquel 9? davidpgil2Fai 4 anos 3 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel just died on my Libre oot X60, abrowser would not start so I tried to reboot but it won't go past a busybox promt. northernarcher8Fai 4 anos 4 semanas
Forum TopicMore Testing Please jxself31Fai 4 anos 6 semanas
Forum Topicis it possible to upgrade from trisquel 7 to trisquel 8 muhammed5Fai 4 anos 7 semanas
Incidenciaenigmail package has unmet dependency jah2Fai 4 anos 7 semanas
IncidenciaSNAP, a door to non free software! Jaume1Fai 4 anos 7 semanas
Forum TopicVulnerable to meltdown? zaggynl47Fai 4 anos 16 semanas
Forum TopicINstalling Latest Verison of Kdenlive lourenco4Fai 5 anos 21 semanas
Forum TopicDevelopment updates quidam39Fai 5 anos 42 semanas
IncidenciaList of branding issues SirGrant18Fai 6 anos 1 semana
Forum TopicI'm spinning Trisquel Docker images kpengboy1Fai 6 anos 15 semanas
Incidenciaubuntukylin-keyring installed by default kpengboy0Fai 6 anos 26 semanas
Incidencialinux-image-lowlatency-lts-vivid in belenos-security requires linux-firmware, that doesn't exists HurdTimes5Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
Forum Topicproblems installing Virtualbox on Trisquel 7.0 Catriona Kennedy5Fai 6 anos 33 semanas
Forum Topicunetbootin fork tomlukeywood73Fai 6 anos 47 semanas
IncidenciaUpdate-manager talks about "Ubuntu 7.0" kpengboy3Fai 6 anos 48 semanas