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IssueNagstamon segfaults sudoman1Fai 1 semana 3 días
IssuePlease serve files at under HTTPS sudoman0Fai 2 semanas 3 días
IssueIcedove Segfaults in Trisquel 9 Etiona sudoman2Fai 3 semanas 2 días
Issuesometimes keyboard doesn't work and mouse doesn't click in X11 sudoman3Fai 8 semanas 5 días
IssuePackage upstream "UnGoogled Chromium" browser? sudoman0Fai 24 semanas 6 días
IssueAbrowser doesn't correctly render all Unicode characters (Firefox works) sudoman0Fai 40 semanas 2 días
IssueAndroid SDK on Trisquel 8 is incomplete sudoman1Fai 1 ano 7 semanas
IssueApparmor blocks Icedove from opening other applications sudoman0Fai 1 ano 9 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Rebrand Thunderbird to Icedove or similar sudoman11Fai 1 ano 34 semanas
Issuelinks in thunderbird don't open abrowser sudoman0Fai 1 ano 48 semanas
Issuecan't seem to install gnome shell in trisquel 8 just yet sudoman0Fai 2 anos 39 semanas
Issuegraphical boot on system with encrypted root partition is broken. sudoman0Fai 2 anos 39 semanas
Issuemenu items in the lxpanel menu sometimes disappear until reboot sudoman1Fai 3 anos 10 semanas
Issuelbgdbm3 segfaults sudoman5Fai 4 anos 6 semanas
Issuewebsite doesn't allow uploading .tgz files sudoman2Fai 4 anos 6 semanas
IssueVirtual package libcapi20-3 breaks upgrade in Brigantia ivaylo8Fai 4 anos 28 semanas
Issue(Usually?) No boot splash on trisquel PaulK8Fai 6 anos 46 semanas
Issuecan't find apache2 in the repos sudoman2Fai 6 anos 48 semanas
Forum TopicHow to boot in terminal only veisong12Fai 7 anos 5 semanas
Issuelxde panel doesn't fully honor text color setting sudoman1Fai 7 anos 5 semanas
Issueapplications unable to connect to gnome-keyring-daemon sudoman0Fai 7 anos 5 semanas
Issueinstaller broken, when contacting non-existant mirror sudoman2Fai 7 anos 6 semanas
Issueinstalling abrowser tries to install firefox sudoman0Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
Issueno default user icons available sudoman0Fai 7 anos 7 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel and Ubuntu releases freemind27Fai 7 anos 13 semanas