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IncidenciaPlease allow package ckermit into the repo from upstream - it is now free software leny201011Fai 7 anos 36 semanas
IncidenciaRemove 'trusty' string from Synaptic akfoss7Fai 7 anos 37 semanas
Forum TopicArabic language alimiracle1Fai 7 anos 39 semanas
Incidenciagnome-core is preventing gnome from installing akfoss1Fai 7 anos 39 semanas
IncidenciaGNOME Web not available akfoss2Fai 7 anos 39 semanas
IncidenciaDisabled 'referer' in Abrowser breaks some logins, including launchpad.net akfoss4Fai 7 anos 39 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser shows me webpages of other countries instead of its native version. lap4fsf3Fai 7 anos 39 semanas
Forum Topicoss-compat residual package Lara Tris2Fai 7 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicMigrating Issues to GitLab akfoss1Fai 7 anos 40 semanas
IncidenciaSkype icon included in gnome-colors-common suitsmeveryfine3Fai 7 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicGoodbye Trisquel akfoss18Fai 7 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicWhy is my Abrowser connected to omantel.net.om ? akfoss9Fai 7 anos 41 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel should have a git system for the community. Hear me out. t3g13Fai 7 anos 41 semanas
Incidencia'aptitude changelog' is broken akfoss2Fai 7 anos 41 semanas
IncidenciaMissing ubuntu-* packages akfoss2Fai 7 anos 41 semanas
IncidenciaThis Connection is Untrusted (https://devel.trisquel.info/groups/trisquel) akfoss3Fai 7 anos 42 semanas
Forum TopicIf you are using Unity, disable product suggestions. akfoss0Fai 7 anos 43 semanas
Forum Topicadd unity to greeter [WORKAROUND] akfoss4Fai 7 anos 43 semanas
IncidenciaCannot select unity in greetor (GDM/LightDM) akfoss4Fai 7 anos 43 semanas
Forum Topiclong-term sustainability of Trisquel -- what if we lose core developers? akfoss22Fai 7 anos 43 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 7 will be released next week. akfoss47Fai 7 anos 44 semanas
IncidenciaSome packages cannot be installed after upgrade to Trisquel 7 ivaylo2Fai 7 anos 46 semanas
IncidenciaUnable to boot the live system media in EFI mode PaulK3Fai 7 anos 46 semanas
Incidenciaapt-get update suggests leaking memory lap4fsf2Fai 7 anos 46 semanas
IncidenciaNo monospace font when language set to Chinese kpengboy3Fai 7 anos 46 semanas