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IssueTrisquel Abrowser Modifications David_Hedlund7Fai 5 anos 35 semanas
Forum TopicIcecat 31.7.0 Gnu49Fai 5 anos 38 semanas
IssueMonodevelop is missing dependencies moxalt3Fai 5 anos 39 semanas
IssueSongwrite gets struct.error when starting grave_1237Fai 5 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicThoughts on Trisquel 7.1 based off of Ubuntu 14.04.3 with release in July or August t3g14Fai 5 anos 40 semanas
Issue[GNU FSDG] Remove 'ubuntu-online-tour' package from Repos. lap4fsf3Fai 5 anos 40 semanas
Forum TopicClosing Gmail/Outlook accounts.What is the easy way to backup all mails? 4045Fai 5 anos 41 semanas
Issuerm doesn't ask for confirmation fchmmr10Fai 5 anos 41 semanas
Issue[GNU FSDG] Purge the following Ubuntu/Kubuntu docs packages. lap4fsf3Fai 5 anos 41 semanas
IssueDisable remote-content-search (product suggestions) in Unity akfoss3Fai 5 anos 41 semanas
Forum Topictor-browser not playing videos cooloutac7Fai 5 anos 41 semanas
Forum TopicPlaying VP9 & Opus In Trisquel 7 jxself3Fai 5 anos 41 semanas
Issuesdcc included non-free files. mejiko4Fai 5 anos 42 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Compizconfig-settings-manager recomends non-free software as a workaround (fglrx) PFDrew11Fai 5 anos 42 semanas
Forum TopicMonoDevelop fails to start moxalt15Fai 5 anos 42 semanas
IssueUpdate-manager talks about "Ubuntu 7.0" kpengboy3Fai 5 anos 42 semanas
IssuePlease Make A VPN Network Popup Notification DasFox3Fai 5 anos 42 semanas
Issueapt-p2p error with python2.7 quiliro7Fai 5 anos 43 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package debian-reference references non-free software software repos SirGrant11Fai 5 anos 45 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Non-free file in package Ax25pyd SirGrant7Fai 5 anos 46 semanas
Issue[GFSD] Liferea suggests a non-free browser andermetalsh4Fai 5 anos 46 semanas
Issue[Packaging Request] Darkice AinaruX5Fai 5 anos 47 semanas
Issue[Packaging Request] root-system version above 5.32 anonymous5Fai 5 anos 47 semanas
Issuecminpack included non-free source. mejiko3Fai 5 anos 47 semanas
IssueExaile windows does not restore when restoring from taskbar grave_1234Fai 5 anos 47 semanas